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The history of humankind has been enlightened by various civilizations, and knowledge has been the key that sets us apart from billions of other species. By unlocking the doors of intellectual wisdom, many ethnicities and nations have risen to greatness.

There are many ways to access the wellspring of human knowledge, among which one cannot overlook the use of search engines. And Google has been the best choice so far whenever we need to look up any information on the internet.

Due to their significance and widespread usage, search engines have directly shaped a field in online marketing known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO Google has become a phrase that many businesses are concerned about. It is even more crucial in the era of Industry 4.0, where organizations and individuals are taking necessary steps to “GO DIGITAL“.

SEO a website to rank on Google is becoming increasingly competitive, requiring website owners to have a proper strategy and plan in place.

ScapBot specializes in providing automated browsing solutions in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). We assist businesses in saving budget and enhancing performance through SEO software and services such as SocialPion, EntityRank, and IndexPush.

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Vision, Mission, Core Values


ScapBot.com will become a popular website among the global SEO community by 2025.


Bring automated solutions in search engine optimization for individuals and organizations worldwide.

Core Values

  • The company is a second family
  • Understanding customers better than oneself
  • Unity from mindset to action
  • Learn, learn more, learn forever
  • Living responsibly towards society

Brand recognition

The logo of ScapBot is designed based on two main colors: ocean blue with a gradient strip and dark blue.

The ocean blue color symbolizes the depth of the ocean of knowledge, reflecting ScapBot’s desire to explore cutting-edge technologies to create the best products for customers.

The dark blue color is used for the brand name, accompanied by a stylized font that represents a modern appearance, reflecting the insightful vision of the leadership on the path of conquering automation solutions.

The logo icon is designed with the fusion of 4 V letters representing the words:
Value – Viral – Vision – Victory
It is shaped as a youthful and dynamic fan, propelling ScapBot to new heights.

The story of ScapBot

The name ScapBot was initially shaped after GoogleBot – a computer program that automates information gathering and indexing on the Internet for Google.

We also dreamed of a programmable tool (BOT) to automate online marketing tasks, which is a field that every business must engage in during their digital transformation journey to enhance customer reach.

During the development of that tool, CEO – Mr. Huan Pham realized that the knowledge data collected could be used to build a large-scale data model, machine learning, and deep AI training in language to create an intelligent content automation platform. And we named that system SCAP (Smart Content Automation Platform).

Finally, SCAPBOT was put together as the official name until the present time.

Our team

Comprised of outstanding individuals in their respective fields of expertise, ScapBot is determined to provide users with superior software products and services

Mr. Harry Paul

CEO & Founder

Mr. Trung Do

CMO & Co-Founder

Mr. Nam Dang

Mentor & Co-Founder

Principles of management



We prioritize differentiation to seek valuable breakthroughs that enhance our workforce and the quality of our products and services.



It reflects the law of development in all things. Diversity helps ScapBot increase development opportunities by being able to meet various needs.



We don’t follow, but always strive to be the trendsetters, leading the way for all the services that have been and will be deployed.



ScapBot has a fondness for numbers, and we use them to ensure that every aspect is controlled and operated accurately.



Even when things are running smoothly, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do better. We adhere to this principle by constantly optimizing our human resources, work processes, products, and services.

Contact Info

  • Name: ScapBot Technology Joint Stock Company
  • Address: X9 Tran Huu Duc Street, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Our email: scapbot.com@gmail.com

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