With the proper understanding and action on onpage and offpage tactics, the SEO WINNER course will help you become a winner in the race to the top.

What will you learn?

Understanding the fundamental concepts in SEO

Mastering the workings of search engines

Distinguishing Google’s ranking algorithms

Knowing how to read and understand website performance metrics

Mastering keyword research and competitive analysis

The standardized SEO on-page optimization process

The process of boosting rankings through off-page optimization techniques

Statistics, measurement, and reporting

Prerequisites for the course

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Have a website designed with WordPress platform
Setting clear learning goals and study plans

SEO course content

Chapter #1

Fundamental introductory knowledge about SEO

Chapter #2

ONPAGE SEO optimization

2.1. Search engine-friendly website structure

2.2. Optimizing content, images, and videos for the page

2.3. Tips for enhancing user experience

Chapter #3

OFFPAGE SEO optimization

3.1. Backlinks, open up!

3.2. Social Profile Entity

3.3. User signals in search rankings

3.4. Building a PBN website system

3.5. Balancing and coordinating the force of backlinks

3.6. Website backlinks management

Why should you enroll in this course?

This course is compiled based on the practical experience from numerous projects of the instructor. It combines references from authoritative sources and various other courses by highly skilled SEO experts, both domestic and international.

You will not only gain knowledge but also have many opportunities to become a leading expert in conquering the heights of Google.

During the learning process, you will receive support from a community of students and instructors to address any challenges you encounter in your work.

The course is currently available for free.

But what you will receive is even more valuable than gold.

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